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Gianfranco Missiaja: "City of Budapest" 2020 award.

Artist Gianfranco Missiaja received the "City of Budapest" 2020 art award for his long-standing artistic career.

Gianfranco Missiaja was born in Venice where he currently lives and works.

He studied at the Venice State Institute of Art, the Academy of Fine arts and graduated in architecture.

He began to paint in the 1960s with the first drawings and tempera works with subjects and views of Venice.

After having taught Design for 21 years with the teacher of workshops and having been External Commissioner for Artistic Maturity in History of Art, he has been invited by numerous Italian Cultural Institutes to exhibit his works abroad, participating in more than 90 international exhibitions around the world.

In 1983, together with Father Mariano, and his wife Maria Teresa Furlan, he founded the Schola S.Zaccaria, Atelier, Art Studio based in Campo S.Zaccaria from which it takes its name.

He has published numerous books on Art Criticism, the most recent on the Guide to the Venice International Art Biennale.

Gianfranco Missiaja: XXIX International Exhibition Acqua Alta