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Exhibition Spain - Barcelona


Inauguration May 2, 2021 Valid World Hall Gallery SPAIN - BARCELONAThe team was very busy setting up the works in the Gallery. The organizers write to us that they are happy with the result since, from the first day of the exhibition, they were able to receive many visitors interested in the works of art, decreeing a great success with critics and audiences.

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Exhibition Gianfranco Missiaja in France in Paris - March 2020


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Exhibition in SWITZERLAND in ZURICH August 2021


Gianfranco Missiaja exhibits in SWITZERLAND in ZURICH

August 2021

We are working intensively on the organization of the exhibition of works. preparations are progressing very well! Many highlights await you!

You are warmly invited to the great ART PARTY of the exhibition which will take place during the exhibition.

You don't want to organize a classic opening ceremony but an ART PARTY during the exhibition. We look forward to celebrating, together with you, the exhibition held in Zurich, toasting its success. It will be an opportunity to make new contacts, meet new and old acquaintances and enjoy the vision of works of art.

You are invited to the vernissage, which will take place on Saturday 28 August 2021 from 18:30 to 23:00, in the SBB event hall, Zurich Main Station

VENICE MASK -The Comedy of Art



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Installation - Matera - Italy


Matera Inauguration 27 September 2019

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BIENNALE DI VENEZIA - From figurative tradition to contemporary art


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Exhibition Gianfranco Missiaja - Biennale Internazionale di Architettura di Venezia 2021


Gianfranco Missiaja plays Venice out of the pandemic An unprecedented Venice, multicolored, like the patches of the Harlequin, cheerful and carefree, like the character of Goldoni's Comedies. It is the image of the city that inspires us to come out of the serious drama that hangs over it with the pandemic. More than a return to normality, the hope is for a rediscovery, a revitalization of the historic center: a symbolic image of rebirth for the whole world.​

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Van Gogh International Prize: The artistic Monili of PitturiAmo


Architect Gianfranco Missiaja has been selected as a member of the jury that will declare the winners of the PitturiAmo Van Gogh International Prize.

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Gianfranco Missiaja exhibits in Switzerland


The artist Gianfranco Missiaja exhibits in Switzerland in Bern at Galerie L'Atelier in Hilterfingen from 14 November to 18 December 2020.

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Gianfranco Missiaja: XXIX International Exhibition Acqua Alta


Gianfranco Missiaja participates in the XXIX International Exhibition of Architects Artists "Acqua Alta".

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