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Van Gogh International Prize: The artistic Monili of PitturiAmo

Architect Gianfranco Missiaja has been selected as a member of the jury that will declare the winners of the PitturiAmo Van Gogh International Prize.

The jury will declare nine winners and they also have the duty to explain the reason why they chose the winning artists, giving a clear critique of the artworks they considered worthy of the Van Gogh International Prize - The artistic Monili.

The prize money amounts to 9.000,00 euros.

48 artists got through the jury selection among 101 artists who sent their application to take part in the competition. The total amount of selected artworks was 65, divided into three categories: reproductions of Van Gogh paintings, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artworks, free theme paintings.

The aim of the art event is to reward the valuable contribution of contemporary artists and to encourage their growth path in the art world.

While this very important art competition occurred, the production line “The artistic Monili of Pitturiamo” has been presented.

It is a line of valuable furnishing accessories with an original and elegant design that reproduce the artist's painting.

This Monile (a typical glass artwork) is made of 10 mm Plexiglass and it has a wooden support base in which all the artwork data is written.

Its purpose is to enhance the best contemporary artists' paintings and their promotion.

Van Gogh International Prize: The artistic Monili of PitturiAmo

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